Weekly Design Inspiration.

“Muzli” What you can find in $2,000 book?

Who doesn’t like Transformers movie?

Which one you prefer WordPress or Bootstrap

Surreal Mashups Perfectly Combine Two Opposing Photos into One Perfect Scene.

Going through internet everyday you see a lot of ideas, design news or new products. I am trying to pick the best content and put it here for you. From UI/UX design inspiration through landing pages to some free stuff you can use.

Check our website for great design inspirations, leave me a comment if you are looking for anything specific. I will try to feature it in next “Weekly Design Inspirations” series.

Weekly Design Inspiration content:

  • Inspirations from Muzli
  • Transformers
  • Bootstrap

What you can learn from $2,000 book?


What transformer are you?!


Bootstrap 4 kit for free!