List of my thoughts, things that I think are good.

  1. learn how to be happy alone
  2. work hard (increase productivity)
  3. payoff your debts
  4. look for inspiration
  5. be an inspiration
  6. never expect anything so You won’t be disappointed
  7. take credit just for things that increase Your income
  8. be happy here and now
  9. help others
  10. be a better person every day
  11. learn everyday
  12. workout everyday
  13. look for true
  14. be humble
  15. dream as you would live forever and live like you would die tomorrow
  16. prey everyday
  17. look for God
  18. don’t try to impress anyone
  19. always remember that You will die
  20. have your opinion
  21. think twice, then talk
  22. try to always by calm
  23. try to not to worry
  24. trust in God
  25. meet new people in the real world
  26. don’t talk more than it is necessary
  27. when you talk you don’t learn
  28. you learn when You listen
  29. when you talk You memorize better
  30. spend money that You have
  31. if not today than when, if not You then who?
  32. whatever you have to do tomorrow, do it today