Keywords, backlinks, page audit, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, titles, alt text, anchor text. Did you set it all up? It is still not enough to get to the first page in Google searches. In 2019 SEO is about “brand” you trying to build, about the connection with your audience, about bounce rate on your pages and much more. Analyzing the market and your niche helps to come up with a crafted strategy for your SEO plan.

Damian Chlanda

Challenges of 2019's SEO

I am based in Chicago SEO consultant, working internationally. I always face similar problems, SEO works the same everywhere, but the strategy of action will be different for each company or individual. The great challenge in 2019 will certainly be voice search and finding low-competitive keywords.

01. Plan


Everything starts with keyword research, good planning for the niche you are at is the most important part. Starting from there you can bring all your keywords to your website. Next step in on-page optimization.

  • Keyword research
  • Keyword filtering
  • Keyword map

02. Work


Base on your keyword list, you can start building your content, pages, and whole website. Work on your titles for every single page, meta description, optimizing photos and alt texts.

  • Optimizing your landing pages
  • Check crawlability and indexing
  • Fix redirects and coding issues

03. Execute


Now you are ready to work on off-page SEO, focusing on your backlinks, audience, building your brand with social media. Google employees keep saying that backlinks are still the biggest factor of the SEO.

  • Investigate backlinks
  • Link building
Damian Chlanda

Most Important Things in SEO

There are 200 factors that determine the visibility of the website in Google searches. Some of them are more important and some less important, but some of them are the must for building strong SEO on your website.





Relevant Keywords