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No matter how much money you earn, always save at least 10% of your income, then make that money work for you.

February 2021, monthly investing/saving:

9.0% – savings – Acorn
3.2% – stocks – Public
3.2% – cryptocurrency – Coinbase
4.3% – investing account – Titan

19.7% – total




The most common way to invest, I use the Public app, a super-easy way to manage your portfolio and see % changes, here is what stocks I actually have. Most companies that pay dividends. Personally, I think the market will crash soon (1-12 months), 10.31.2020.




I use Masterworks to buy “pieces” of famous paintings.

Current portfolio:


Real Estate


Using Fundrise to buy pieces of real estate projects, long-term investing still testing.




Buying USA mint products quarters, $1 dollars, etc. Coins can be a very good investment, I saw a growth of hundreds of percentages during 10-15 years for some of them. And I just like to collect them.




The best app for saving I found so far is Acorns. You can set up a round-up going straight from your debit account. Weekly or monthly amounts to go to your account. They are investing your money too and you are getting paid dividends also.




Bitcoin, LTC, Ripple, and more of my currencies of the future.

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