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Little bit about me.

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Hello, my name is Damian Chlanda.

Hmm.. boring, but I just want to introduce myself and say a few words about me and my work. So what am I all about? I am about passions, hobbies, design, about me, about photography, and just little bit about cycling.

I am not good writer and my english is still terrible, but I am trying! Why? Because I am from Poland and move to USA in end of 2014, it is getting to 2 years! I was living here and there, but know I am in Evanston and enjoying Chicago! Just in summer… Whatever, winter can be beautiful too, I will try to show it with my photography if I will not get frozen.

"Willis Tower"

Maybe few more words about me, I am 28, graphic designer, photographer, cyclist. So what’s that mean? I always wanted to be creative but I did one mistake going to wrong collage, after 6 years I finish it and I became surveyor… All the time playing here and there with my computer and dreaming about being creative, that’s why I started learning graphic design, and everything around, starting with photo retouching, doing some flyers, card etc. I started with 3D graphic too, it is really cool stuff! but takes a lot of time, speaking seriously I think it is future, we will print everything at home in 10-15 years. Now I am trying to move into UX/UI Design, it is very important how people receive information everyday. I am doing web Design, 3D modeling, brand Design and more.

Photography is more hobby, and you can find here some of my crazy portrait photos and some others too. Why I most like portraits ? It is about emotions, you can’t find it in most beautiful sunrise on in any building, it is some what is in humans and the best part is we all express our feelings in the same way if you are happy you just smile :). Another question is why I am taking selfie? Because I do not have to ask about permission to publish it. Or course I love to have other models too!


Last think is Cycling, it is my passion it is something what gives me “vacation” everyday, something what helps me to forget about whole world for the moment and it is good. If you don’t have any passion find it! it is worth it, and I like to push my body to limits sometimes, so I actively race on track in Northbrook and some group ride and cyclocross around Chicago. I am cycling coach, it was my dream from longer time, just want to help people to don’t make same mistakes which I did.

If you are still reading it, it means I am not so bad writer! One more time apologize for all “errors”. That’s all for now, visit me sometimes or leave a comment if you did like it and want more.

See you soon!

"Windy City"