You can get know me better here.


My name is Damian and I am 31 at the moment of typing this text. Actually living in Evanston, close to Chicago in the USA, but I am from Poland. So please be forgiving about my English. Moved here around 5,5 years ago.

I am glad you arrived at my blog, I have one simple goal by running this blog.

I want to change Myself and The World. Simply enough but not that easy to do. So how I want to do it?

By learning, reading books, newsletters, watching youtube, and more.
By achieving financial freedom with saving and investing.
By being an influencer, and sharing my experience.
By helping others with the sport.

I am growing 2 brands, “Cyklopedia” and “Expose Your Brand.”


• read at least one book a month.

I am also coaching, watching movies, taking photos.