Yes, I did it!

Finally moved to the full-time freelance position. It was always my dream and goal.

With the beginning of 2019, I decided to quit my job (best I ever had) and fallow my dream.

Was it easy?

Not at all, is it easy now? not at all. So better get ready if you are thinking about the same move. I think there is nothing happening in “comfort zone” if you work 8-9 hours a day, it is a comfort zone. You have to work 10-12 hours to make a progress. I was working since I wake up until I fall asleep for almost 2 years and yes I did see the progress.


Always take breaks! We are not robots, exercise, watch the movie, hang out with friends, enjoy life! Everyone has 24 hours in the day.

  • Work – 12 hours
  • Sleep – 7 hours
  • Exercise – 1 hour
  • learn – 1 hour
  • Fun – 3 hours

= 24 hours

How does that look like? Not bad at all, you work hard to reach your goals, make your dreams come true, make the world a better place 12 hours it is a lot of work. 7 hours of sleep is way enough for people with few hours activity per week (if you are active athlete sleep more!). Exercise and learn 1 hour each and you still have 3 hours of fun! Believe me, the day is very long and it depends on you what are you going to do with it.

Make Saturdays easier day, focus on follow-ups, work less exercise more and have more fun. Take your camera, go out take some photos, talk with people, do this stuff you really want to do. Sunday are OFF! Rember your brain need recovery same like your body, I call it “reset” of your head. No emails, no follow-ups, no thinking about work, we will get back on Monday. Sunday is a day just for you, family, friends, and doing things your like, reading, writing, drawing, painting, designing etc.


You will need this, a lot, I mean more than a lot. Like I said it is not easy at all, that is why you set goals. They really help with being motivated and focus on what are you doing and why you are doing it. It can be anything, I always wanted to be a freelance designer and cycling coach, and here we go I am. Now I want to be better and better, the best thing you can do for your customers is improving your skills! Don’t focus on advertising or trying to expose yourself. Focus on improving your skill set, it will keep you on everyday track to become the inspiration for others one day.

Leave me a question if you looking for goals or motivation.

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