February 8th 5 PM – O’hare airport boarding to Brussel I am ready to go.

Just quick stop in Brussel and fly to Barcelona, it is my first time in this beautiful city. I want to visit a few places, especially some of Gaudi’s projects. Cheer my brother during half marathon and take some photos and videos. Spend some time with family, can’t wait to see Hanna my goddaughter who is 4 years old :).

Landing in Barcelona at 11 am the next day, I take a taxi and go to ” Placa d’Espanya” where I suppose to meet the first part of the family. I go to “Tapa Tapa” for a little lunch here is where after 2,5 year I meet my brother, sister in law and their daughter. She is running straight to me to say hello! After a small lunch, we go to the apartment which is close to the beach, quick shower and we are going to meet our uncle and aunt in the downtown of Barcelona. It’s is a magical city, with hundreds of restaurants, bars, unique building and old churches.

I strongly recommend visiting “Salterio”, super small place with amazing atmosphere.

We getting back lait, sitting to 1 am talking about everything. After changing the time zone I know it won’t be easy to wake up in the morning, but Sunday in a focal point for my brother. Half Marathon starts at 8 am. I wake up at 7 (and don’t really know where am I), taking my drone and going to the start line, looking for good spot to take some shots. It was not the best idea to fly drone during this kind of event (19000 running people), after 3 min of flying some Spanish police officer is yelling on me that it is “prohibido”. After checking my document he is giving me last chance :). I run to another point of course to catch my brother, I did it on 8th km and on the finish line. To keep it shorter I put together this video you can see below, by the way, my bother bit his Personal Best time and was best Polish in Barcelona!!!

Rest of the Sunday we spend walking around Barcelona, we go to “Catedral de Barcelona” for Holy Mass. “Catedral de Barcelona” is totally worth to visit and explore everything around, this is where we find “Salterio”. Monday we plan to ride to “Castell de Montjuic” and enjoy little hiking, and amazing view from top of hill. Barcelona has amazing harbor which you can see from the top. The afternoon was dedicated to “Sagrada Familia”. place you must see if you are in Barcelona. I promise you, you never see anything like that!

Next morning we are leaving to Girona and then to Poland! This is another long story :).

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