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Learn more about interesting places in Chicago and around the world how to take good photos of them and find a decent cup of coffee on your way!

Chicago places to visit

Top 23 Chicago Places to Visit + 5 Secret Ones

Top Chicago Places to Visit with Damian   Hello, it is Damian and I live in Chicago since 2015! I created this list based on…
Cyclocross World Cup Waterloo

Cyclocross World Cup Waterloo, WI | 2021

Waterloo Wisconsin, probably every cyclist in the USA knows this little town, that is where Trek's headquarter is! Looks like 2 hours drive from Chicago…
Chicago Travel Guide

Your Chicago Travel Guide

What should you know about Chicago?   Chicago is the most visited city in the USA, tourists made their choice for the reason. Great food,…

The Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

Let me take you on the journey of exploring 107 the best coffee shops in Chicago city and the suburbs!

9 Spots You Can't Miss if You Are in Chicago

Find the best places in Chicago to take some great photos.

How to do Levitation Photography

A quick guide on how to do one of the most exciting effects in photography, pure magic!

Interview With WWII Veteran

I got a great honor to interview Tadeusz Rapczyński-Martin, a Polish WWII veteran, recipient of the Warsaw Uprising Cross, Gold Honor Badge of the Home Army Foundation, as well as some of the highest decorations bestowed by the government of Poland – the Krzyż Kawalerski Orderu Zasługi and the Krzyż z Mieczami Orderu Krzyża Niepodległosci.

My life…

My Life

How I Spent Labor Weekend in Chicago!

Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers song is constantly in my head! Great weekend spent on the boat, sleeping there on Sunday to Monday night, enjoying…
Samsung Galaxy s10
My Life

My New Phone Samsung Galaxy s10

Took those photos as soon as I could, because usually a few days after I buy a new phone I drop it... I use Samsung…
My Life

Visiting Family in New Britain!

I am taking Friday (August 19) off at work, heading to New Britain, CN, not knowing yet what’s coming ahead of me! After 11 years…
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Unique Phone And Desktop Wallpapers For You

Set of 4 wallpapers ready to use on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer. Get those amazing photos to make your devices stand out.

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