Damian Chlanda – with passion to create things.


Help to create brands and increase visibility online by Marketing, SEO and Design.

Change the World.

Hello, everyone, my name is Damian, I live in Evanston small town north from Chicago. I am the founder of Cyklopedia and I am helping others to grow their own brands.


Working with many professionals in many industries, layers, resteurants, influencers, freelancers, financials and more.


Web Design

Starts at $2000


Starts at $1500


Starts at $1000

01. Branding

The brand is everything and everything is the brand.

Logo is not your brand, it is your facility, it is how your employees works, how your documents look like. It is every single thing in your company and experiences your customers will received.

02. Web Design

Think about the website as a great marketing tool to provide solution for your customer’s problems.

It allows you to create better user experience on your website and showcase specific products or services to help your visitors in improving their lives.

03. SEO

Number 1 factor for your ranks or social media exposer is engagement.

SEO can help you in turning your visitors into customers by providing solutions they searching for.


Looking for help with growing your brand, or trying to boost your SEO? Anything it is shoot me a message so we can get in touch.